Welcome to the Clinical Tutorials Website

Clinical skills have traditionally been taught with didactic lectures, clinical skills laboratories and at the patients' bedside. Under the supervision of a senior clinician this so called "apprenticeship" model allows students to observe and then practice a clinical skill . In a perfect world, the medical student would learn clinical skills on the ward with real patients. However this is not always possible or practical, given the volume of medical students, the patients' physical health and the availability of senior clinicians.

This website, created with the support of NDLR funding, hopes to address some of these issues. The content housed on this site will cover several relevant topics in the Clinical Assessment areas with video and learning assessment resources aiding in the teaching and learning of said procedures and techniques. We are always looking for ways to improve the content on the site so any feedback that you might have for us is welcome and readily taken on board for the upcoming additions to the website.